Fit For Purpose IT Consulting For Your Business

ShapeTM partners with clients to unpack the organisation’s needs. We holistically look at tailored IT solutions and assist with a turnkey implementation strategy to drive measurable success.

Digital transformation can be a difficult and uncomfortable process for some businesses. However, digitising your organisation to operate more efficiently and create better experiences for customers and employees is essential for you to remain competitive in today’s business landscape. While undertaking this process, it is often recommended to implement new business models and offerings that will enable your organisation to avoid disruption and thrive in the interconnected digital ecosystems of the future.

ShapeTM's strategic IT consulting service focuses on making your digital transformation journey easier by assisting you to create and implement a digital IT strategy for your organisation that supports and is inline with your overall bigger business strategy. We understand the importance and unequivocal need for technology in today’s modern world and can assist with technology-enabled innovation to prepare your organisation and your employees for the future.

As your business grows and transforms, your IT infrastructure will need to be as flexible and agile as possible to ensure it continues to support your organisational objectives. If you find yourself spending too much time reacting to IT and process problems, instead of focussing on the future and reaching your goals, it might be that you need a partner to manage your infrastructure for you so you can concentrate on what’s important – your business.

ShapeTM's managed infrastructure service cuts costs and improves efficiency through technological innovation and our next generation service philosophy. By combining our unique approach to information technology, as well as our sound methodology, which has been developed with over two decades experience in the industry, we can build a road map with you to optimise your IT infrastructure, operations and premises.

We consolidate, standardise, automate and virtualise systems utilising appropriate cloud services and customer-owned IT to create and deliver efficient, low-cost, flexible IT solutions to our clients around the world.

Enterprise applications are becoming increasingly important in order to ensure businesses operate effectively, and because the implementation of multiple applications may be required, many organisations are turning to managed application services in order to free up internal resources and make sure that all applications are managed correctly and in the most cost effective way.

ShapeTM's team of skilled IT professionals, combined with extensive experience, allow us to support, maintain and enhance your business applications, making sure they continue to work for you. Our methodologies also allow for smaller organisations to gain access to enterprise level applications and technology at a fraction of the cost.

The information technology industry is an ever-evolving entity, which continues to produce hardware and software at an incredible rate, allowing organisations to operate more efficiently and more effectively to reach their business objectives. Reliability engineering manages the life cycle of your assets to ensure the reliability and maintainability of equipment, processes, utilities, facilities, controls, and safety/security systems.

Our reliability engineering team, which consists of highly skilled and experienced asset care professionals, will provide guidance and industry best practice processes to ensure that a fit for purpose asset care plan is developed specifically for your organisation, which will optimise the lifecycle of your assets. We also provide related support resources to ensure your asset care plan continues to work for you as expected, with adjustments being made where necessary.