Tailored Best Of Breed Systems Development and Integration

ShapeTM has extensive experience in both system and application development, and the seamless integration thereof into your organisation, giving you both the business intelligence and tools to attain your objectives.

Your business can only thrive with the gathering, sorting and examining of vital business data. This can also only be done if data sources are strategically brought together in a system that works specifically for your business. Once captured within the system, this data can be turned into meaningful intelligence, which can be accessed as and when it’s needed in order to make informed decisions and modify business processes to achieve your goals.

ShapeTM assists clients with managing various data sources, extracting the data when required and extrapolating this information to use your advantage. We work with a wide range of technology products across multiple industries to support organisations in turning their data into insights, which ultimately translates into business success.

Sage Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

ShapeTM is a Sage Business Enterprise Management Partner. We offer our clients the full spectrum of services associated with designing, implementing and supporting an ERP system. We understand that every business has their own unique processes and business requirements, which is why we have partnered with Sage, as we believe it offers the flexibility to develop a fit for purpose ERP solution.

Sage Business Enterprise takes the complexity out of running your business. It simplifies every part of your operation, leaving you lean and ready for whatever comes next, wherever you are in the world. Offering powerful functionality that can be configured to meet your unique way of doing business, Sage Business Enterprise’s flexible data model supports complex organisational deployment and reporting structures, simplifying management across multiple facilities, companies or business units, regions and countries from a common installed instance of the solution.

ShapeTM has been assisting clients with various modes of deployment, whether it is an on-premise solution, hybrid solution or pure Cloud, we have the experience and technical resources to ensure that the solution is deployed, integrated, operationally managed and supported.

Enterprise Asset Management

Our Enterprise Asset Management system assists in optimising the lifecycle management of the physical assets of your organisation. We assist customers in breaking down their assets to individual component level and then populate the Enterprise Asset Management system, providing an enterprise asset register, which is then used to record the condition of the asset and to facilitate work management transactions as per statutory and OEM specifications. We do this by:

  • Clearly defining processes necessary to manage the identification, planning, scheduling, execution and feedback activities associated with asset care
  • Providing the necessary training to enable your asset care team to effectively execute these processes
  • Offering skilled and experienced resources to coach and mentor your asset care team during the implementation or entrenchment phase
  • Providing structured approaches in developing sound asset care plans (Maintenance Tactics)
  • Artisan tracking and utilisation is a key component of any ACP, because you need to understand the load that your workforce is shouldering from a scheduled work and unscheduled repairs perspective.

We routinely integrate our Enterprise Asset Management systems into ERP, however, they can be integrated into an existing Material Requirements Planning (MRP) or procurement system to ensure that the spares, reagents and consumables are readily available when scheduled maintenance is required. Based on the component classification it will provide the procurement system with an indication of the stock profile.

ShapeTM has extensive experience in creating high performance, feature-packed native mobile applications for iOS and Android mobile platforms. We have expertise in HTML5 development, which allows us to also build cross-platform mobile applications that will work on any device or platform. Companies and organisations choose ShapeTM to ensure that their custom mobile application development will be secure, scaleable and sustainable in whatever environment its hosted.

Using an agile development methodology to deliver our mobile app development projects, we create the right app that will meet your business, industry and/or vertical needs.

As organisations evolve, they tend to accumulate an extensive collection of “best of breed” software applications to run the various operations of their businesses. These applications rarely communicate with each other well, resulting in clients finding it difficult to gain reliable and accurate insight into the operational state of their business and the status of their customers.

We develop innovative integration platforms and apps to provide the behind-the-scenes connectivity between applications, ensuring that you are always on top of your business and know precisely where you stand with both your internal resources and your customers.